Here’s my story

Yes, this is me. “What if I wore another hat today?” Portrayed by Esther Cazant.

How I enjoy being part of the Illumination community, invited by Dr Mehmet Yildiz! Reading so many great stories from a diversity of people worldwide is invigorating.

And although it feels a bit naked to write about myself, I’ll give it a try. Starting with my work and my writing. Leaving the personal stuff further down. You might have stopped reading by then. Hopefully…

My writing career on Medium started in May 2019.

Carefully dipping in one toe, getting sucked into the river.

Writing as such is not new to me, but writing like this is new. Personal. Snappy. Short…


We dance all the sh*t out and the new beauty in

Butterfly. Sphinx. Kolibri. Picture: Alain Audet via Pixabay

Butterflies are making wind in my life right now. The mesmerizing creatures are flying next to me when I cross the street. In front of me when I lost my way. And behind me when I have a hard time keeping up.

The world is shifting. I feel it in my bones and my skin. My eyes look clear when I view myself in the mirror. And they look hazy when I’m tired as I’ve never been before.

I sleep during the day, making siestas a habit. So I can keep up with the speed and requirements of Gaia.



Gaia knows all

Weaving. Picture: wei zhu via Pixabay

Mother Moon weaves
my strings attached
to heart and soul
into beautiful braids
of emergence.

She shows me
little universal winks
in typos and seemingly
unimportant signs.

My heart and soul
are ruling the

Mother Moon weaves
our strands of time,
untangling the old
and braiding the new.

We can walk calmly,
observing and listening
to the important titbits
in mundane conversations.

My choices
of time spent
are sacred.

Mother Moon weaves
universal snippets
to the core of
our beings,
and fastens
them cleverly
with braids.

Core beings.
Human beings!
What will it take
to create living systems

From Anthropocene to Syntropocene


The journey from Entropy to Syntropy

Picture: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

From Anthropocene to Syntropocene. I received a lot of reactions on my last story, especially from my audience on LinkedIn. From disbelief (never heard of Syntropocene) to curiosity and resonance.

Don’t mind the words, keep seeing what you see and include the views of others so you’ll see more and more clearly where the river of the future is taking us. In all areas of our lives. Economy. Society. Technology. Entrepreneurship. Equality. Diversity. Peace.

And please tell us what YOU see…

What will the Syntropocene be like? Nobody knows (yet). It’s in the future. But what I do know is…


We discover we are more than our past

The Sun. Metatron. All shapes. In sixes… Picture: Alvaro Coelho via Pixabay

These days, Metratron shows up in my life. The archangel or mythical creature Metatron. Six sixes for whoever is into the numbers of this world. Sacred geometry. The symbol of Metatron is a box and a star and many shapes combined.

And when something shows up in my life from many different directions (The Heroines and the Born Global Foundation, in my case), I know something is shifting and I have to be alert.

I know, I just know, that Metratron is a womxn telling us something right now. She’s lifting the veil of the Syntropocene. Another corner of the…


From Entropy to Syntropy is the answer

Emergence, syntropy is about sun, moon, cycles, magnetism, gravity, and some other invisible forces. Picture: Comfreak via Pixabay

Our planet Earth is all about emergence. A baby is born and is more than just x and y chromosomes. A baby comes out from behind her parents (the literal meaning of emergence) and has an identity and wisdom of her own. Every baby is a little wiser than her parents. That’s evolution.

All living matter on Earth is emergent. It appears where in the past there was nothing. And that’s good news. Our world is so chaotic right now, that everybody is in danger of missing the wood for the trees.

And that’s exactly what happens in evolution. Things…


The future is the present is the past

Dance from the inside out. Picture: RODNAE Productions via Pexels

As a teenager, I devoured the biography of Maya Angelou. I just loved her books. I got a glimpse of her daring. Of what thriving means as a human being faced with challenges. Of living a life worth living, whatever she encountered on her journey.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” or rather my Dutch copy ‘Ik weet waarom gekooide vogels zingen’ was on my bedside table for years. Always together with other books. And ever so often, I returned to her words.

My life as a teenager couldn’t have been more different than hers. As a white-skinned Dutch…


Cloud seeding and Nature’s future

Clouds. PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Clouds have always been a fascination of mine. I always see recognizable shapes. Like lions. Or sea horses. Or gigantic dragons. I feel time elapse when the shapes change. And I can watch for hours and hours to see them grow and merge and drop their rain.

Clouds and Curious Children

Space has a hold
on my mind right now.

Space as in nothing
Space as in no thing
Space as in everything
and any thing.

As a part of space
there are conscious clouds
Cotton wool seemingly
drops down on boats
and people.

As a child,
my head was buried in cloud
more often than…


My personal perspective on death

Picture: Yvonne Huijbens via Pixabay

At the beginning of the pandemic, two of my loved ones ended up in hospital. Intensive care. Lying on their bellies, getting oxygen. Trying to survive. One had to stay for 2 weeks, the other for 5. One recovered fine after that. The other? Let’s say it changed his life.

I was in shock for a long time. And only long walks around the lake in our area, Reindersmeer in the Maasduinen, could help me feel grounded again. Feet in the water. Wind in my hair. Herb smells in my nose. Better than chemical perfume. Try it sometime.

For a…


How work and life are merging for me

Walking barefoot in the dark towards the light. Picture: Free-Photos via Pixabay

My day at the office is a day in the woods. Or a day in the sea. Or a day on the mountain, the shores, the grasslands. I smell the salty air. Or the forest fire. I walk in herb-fragrant woods. Or look with respect at ravaging floods. Rainbows are my compass.

I explore places and share knowledge where people are implementing nature-based solutions. With benefits for people and biodiversity both. Because they are the way forward with abundance & balance.

My day at the office starts when I wake up. The night has done my creative work for me…

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Cross-pollinating for a healthy future. Free spirit. ✽

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