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In Chaos Theory the butterfly just has to flap her wings once to cause a hurricane at the other end of the world. Great, this is how we can spread positivity, gratitude, synergy, symbiosis, and flow! Picture: Erika Varga via Pixabay


We Live in a Cold Caravan

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This is not our caravan. Ours is a little bigger and is located on a camping site in the woods. But you get the idea. Picture: Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 via Pixabay

Alexander Bower, a fellow changemaker, inspired me to write this story. Because the life of a changemaker seems adventurous and glossy. Traveling to Indonesia, talking to influential people, contributing to impactful projects. But there’s another side to it. There’s a price to pay before the necessary change for all of us will have happened. Before we can all live happily ever after.

Today, I’ll tell you about our journey into an impactful life. It’s an adventurous story, not a sad story. We make choices. …


Courage is all we need to change the world

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Picture: Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Tomorrow you’ll be brave, you say? Fool! Dive today
From the cliff of what you know into what you can’t know.
You fear the rocks? Better men than you have died on them;
Dying on Love’s rocks is nobler than a life of death.

— Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

Dying on love’s rocks. Yes. That’s what I did. I died and was reborn. And I’ll do it again and again and again… until I’m wise…


A simple and effective listening tip

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Diversity with a heart. Picture: Anrita1705 via Pixabay

More and more I realize that the key to a regenerative future will be our capacity to deal with human diversity. Nature has biodiversity as a balancing factor. Humans have diversity. Let’s learn how to deal with diversity! We need all of our wise brains and hearts to get us out of the mess we landed in.

This is a short piece of writing. The tip comes at the end. But let me first, very briefly explain why we need this tip. This simple way of listening and dealing with diversity.

And to tell you the truth, it took me some time to get the hang of it. And I’m still sometimes struggling. It’s hard to see what another person sees when we only see the blinders of our own perspective. …


Writing strategy advice for all of our beloved writers

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Picture: kconcha via Pixabay

Medium is a home for writers with a story to tell. And the wisdom to connect honestly to readers and other writers to build a steady audience. Your voice is meant to be heard. Your voice is important in the vast ocean of voices out there.

And in order to be heard, there are a few things to consider.

  • Write quality
  • Write quantity to experiment and unleash the power of portfolio
  • Find your unique, growing audience for success

And for the last bit, it is important to experiment and make sure that your writing lands in the best publication for that specific message.


A story for Wallobooks. Language is a tricky thing

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A sunfish. Picture: Penny_K30 via Pixabay

“Hey girls and boys,
I’m floating in the ocean today.
Looking at the clouds.
And then I see a boat.
People are staring at me.
And I wave my fin.”
- the Sunny Moonfish

Hello Moonfish! I’m one of the people on the boat. In English, you are a sunfish. In my language, Dutch, you are a moonfish. But to me, you are just a friend who speaks fish-language.

I wave to the sunfish. The moonfish. Or whatever your name is in fish-language…

You are called ‘Mola Mola’ in official speak. And now you tell me very interesting details about your life. This is what I understand. …


Will we be exchanging value?

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Abundant almond blossom. Picture: MichaelGaida via Pixabay

We all need a moonshot ambition. Why do things 10% better when we can go full flow? 10 times better! Kennedy knew how to do it when he held his moonshot speech. We can do that too!

Pfew. I sit behind my keyboard and sigh. I have a happy heart. And I want to write about it. But because it involves money and huge ambition, it feels difficult as well.

Last week, I welcomed my second Patreon supporter. And that feels great. But as a story, it is a difficult one for me to write. …


Everybody can contribute.

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UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Wikipedia

The United Nations have declared the next decade 2021–2030 to be the ‘Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’. And the people who follow my work will understand that I’m mighty happy with this attention for the most important action of our times.

Why is it important, you ask?

Well, there is one truth. One truth only. And that is we are diverse humans on a planet that’s being destroyed by human greed and our limited ambitions to design human systems that optimize abundant natural laws.

We built our systems, such as economies, societies, and health on scarcity. Stupidly. …


Can we change the world with technology?

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Sun and moon energize our world. Picture: beate bachmann via Pixabay

No sugar coating from me. A lot of technology sucks! Or, let me put it more clearly. It’s not the fault of technology. It’s the fault of the business models behind the technology. They suck. Resulting in Social Dilemma. Resulting in addiction to chemical pills. Resulting in horrible fields full of solar panels and windmills, where we should be growing healthy food for all.

It’s also the fault of technologists and their teams. They have huge blinders on and are not ambitious enough to create the technology that will change the world for the better. They keep running around in circles. …


Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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