You are right, JulianGiulio Nhorteo Batedo, there are many complex issues, and only one solution will not solve it. However, if we look into the systemic ways all these issues are connected, restoring ecosystems is in my view definitely one of the top priorities.

So all I’m saying is, let’s take action on this front. Now! Let’s put our hands in the soil. Let’s start regenerative agriculture. Let’s all buy the produce of regenerative farmers. Let’s get the tiles out of our gardens, feed the soil organic matter, stimulate micro-organisms and fungi, and plant herbs, bushes, fruit trees! Let’s protect the rainforests. Let’s create biodiversity in cities, monocultural forests, etc. Let’s create value with the abundance the planet can give us. If only we would treat her better and make conscious choices, we CAN make a difference. So in my view, we should get on with it.

Fulfilled life

We can live our lives looking for distractions in television, newspapers and social media, debating about the best solution to start with. Or we can live a fulfilled life connecting to nature and other people. Finding a balance between head and heart and take action.

Putting our hands in the soil is a great way to silence the voices in our heads, saying we can never do it. That we are too small. If we put our hands in the soil and our hearts in our connections to nature, ourselves and other people, then we might make a huge difference. We are definitely more powerful than we think. And we can make small decisions every day to use this power in a way that will serve the planet and the people around us best.

So what is stopping us from taking up our own personal role, make our own personal best choices in our daily lives, and get on with it?

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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