Yes, non-experts aren’t only allowed to make them, they SHOULD offer them. As well as well-considered questions. They are vital for good decision-making.

It’s the only way to get out of the ivory tower and see how all this specialism affects real people.

Specialists are just that. Specialists. They often don’t see the complete picture because they are very deep into a subject. It’s our job as non-experts to ask questions. So the full picture emerges and we can see the connections between the different specialist subjects.

To show many different sides of the complete picture so the generalists (in government often) can make wise decisions.

And then I also don’t think wisdom lies just in rational, scientific specialisms. I know Descartes said it: I think, therefore I am. But look where it got us. Into a world of specialism where companies can do one thing, reap the benefits, and throw the problems overboard for another (mostly society as a whole) to solve. That’s what specialism is doing to our world.

It’s time to do differently. And systemic thinking (zooming out, asking questions) will help us do that.

Hurray for the non-experts who do not a troll, but try to open people up to different points of view…

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