Wow, Amy Marley. I’m touched. I’m applauding your efforts. And I’m inspired to do some poetry writing of my own. Thank you.

Composting is a wonderful step. It makes us realize about Gaia. About cycles. About a different way of being.

For myself, I always make sure not to go reductionist and be too harsh on myself. Simple living, questioning choices can be enough. Our creativity has to flourish too. And we do live in a world where many good practices are not common or available (yet).

Some thought patterns on paper and printing:

There is a movement towards stone paper. It is fully recyclable instead of just 7 times like paper (although not in our current paper streams, yet), needs no chemicals or water to produce, and is made of waste stone from mines. It can easily be printed on by professional printers as well.

Here’s an Australian company making notebooks from it.

What I find fascinating is that stone paper is made of crushed calcium carbonate. And that there are plans to combine it with 3D fish farming. Oysters and other shellfish farmed naturally and the shells can be used to make paper…

There are some trends towards non-toxic inks. But as I say, it’s not commonly available yet.

Thank you for being you, Amy! And being interested to do things differently. Do things better. But please remember: it’s always enough. Do not hesitate to unleash your creativity!

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