Wonderful Worms Will Change the World

Wisdom and healthy, living soil should be our #1 priority.

GIF made by animation creator Alexander Bower. Especially for this story. Thank you, Alexander!

Worms bring wisdom to our world. Have you seen the documentary Kiss the Ground on Netflix? If not, consider watching it! You can discover a new climate story. A story of hope. A story that any one of us can be part of.

We can relate to it. Via our food. Via our gardens. Via our own personal connection to nature. Worms might not be so visible to us, but they are servants to us all.

Our planet is weeping. We have broken the natural cycles of water, nutrients, and life energy. Healthy, living soil will define the future of humanity on our planet. There’s just soil, water, air, and us.

And wonderful worms of wisdom.

An Ode to Worms

What is soil
but a dark

What use has soil
without chemicals
to kill the harmful pests?

What use has soil
without fertilizer
to add some artificial life
into compacted, barren earth?

Is this your thought?
Think again!

And think
with your heart
this time.

Healthy, living soil is life-giving.
Restorative. Regenerating.
Home to healthy, flowing water
Home to pure, breathable air.

Our planet is the only home we have.
And she’s ruled by the laws of nature.

The worms have a role
to provide space in the soil,
and oxygen, and texture
with nitrogen-rich casts.

Some worms go left to right.
Some worms go up and down.

Worms make families of worms
eating yummy micro-organisms
and decomposing organic matter.
All the while producing nitrogen
for our carefully grown crops.

Worms can be red or green, or grey.
But what all of them do
is dig, and dig, and dig some more.

Giving oxygen to our soils
making space for healthy roots
and loving our planet
as she loves them back.

Gaia rises.

Let’s hear the worms digging
and tread ever so lightly
on healthy, living soil.

Worms and Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was very impressed with worms. He said:

“It may be doubted whether there are many other animals that have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have these lowly organized creatures.” — Charles Darwin on Trees.com

And more and more, it becomes clear that we need healthy, living soil more than anything else if humanity wants to survive on this planet in distress.

Healthy, living soil captures carbon out of the air. Slowing the effects of climate change. And chemical fertilizer will not be necessary for healthy, living soil, fed with micro-organisms, and decomposed organic matter.

Soil is so much more than dirt. Soil is a living ecosystem — a large community of living organisms linked together through nutrient cycles and energy flows. Every teaspoon of soil is home to billions of microorganisms — bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insects, and earthworms that play important roles.
University of Minnesota

A young friend of mine started a worm farm in an old bathtub after seeing the movie “The Biggest Little Farm”. If just one person, one child, will exchange fear of worms and insects for fascination, we have taken a step forward. The first step is an important one, more will follow and before you know it we will have a wave of change.

Now that we know the role of worms, what can we all do to help the worms save our planet and our humanity in the process?

  • Buy our food directly from regenerative farmers who care for the soil, for their animals, and for people
  • Design our gardens with love. Planting herbs and bushes, and trees if you have space. Being mindful of native ecosystems
  • Learn about healthy, living soil (perhaps from your local permaculture course)
  • Teach about healthy, living soil. With our hands in the ground. Boosting children’s immune systems in the process
  • Connect to nature. Rewild our souls. And walk barefoot once in a while. Meeting the worms with our toes…

Happy connecting to worms!

Collaboration Creates Value

Why have I started adding GIFs to my stories?

  • Movement attracts attention
  • We need to build a Flow Future together. With upstream solutions that really make sense. Which are not sold to us in sneaky business models but created because we care. We can do so much better than we do now.

The GIF-illustration with this story has been made by Alexander Bower. A talented animation creator who is on a mission to rethink our economy, our society, and human connection.

Collaborations create value. And our collaboration is very valuable to me. Our conversations make me think and reflect. Thank you, Alexander, for the wisdom of worms!

Written by

Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽ https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireedriesenaar

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