The Huge Shifts In Science Right Now Make Sense

Superformula and Spatial Relations

Desiree Driesenaar
4 min readMar 27, 2024


The math of a snail shell. Made by Abundance 4 ALL in a computer program.

Hi, my friends, I’m back. Been a bit busy with work as a changemaker. But I’m back to stay and will give you perspective again on what’s happening in the world and how we are going to fix all problems with interconnected solutions…

This year, my year always starts in spring, the equinox, I’ll post a bit more about my travel, Greece and the questions I receive in my ecology economy practice of transition making.

Greece is awesome! I’ll tell you about language learning and about the huge planes of history and future that open up if you understand a bit more than just English…

In my business, I get many questions about Superformula (hardcore holistic science). The dynamic math of our planet. The math of what’s not there. The interconnection.

It’s about swarms of birds. It’s about bamboo that transforms from circles into squares. It’s about rhizomes. And the fact that they appear out of nowhere. From behind the folds… It’s about jumping genes and Dr. Barbara Mc Clintock.

Why do we always forget the women who won Nobel prizes?

Women rock! Like Bee Wild always says:

“Black Mums 4 President!”