Thanks so much for writing about this! I definitely went through the same thing and the confusion and loneliness indeed came in a period when my world was crumbling.

My solution was to withdraw and connect to nature. Making long walks. Crying in the woods and putting my hands in the soil, gardening. I was lucky that I had friends who looked out for me and offered me food and a hug when I needed it.

I took my time before I started connecting with the not-understanding part of my social circle again. And then the advice you give is so valid.

Connect where they are. Show them who you have become without scaring them. Feel the vastness of your being, but forget the need to be understood completely. You’ll find your own way.

And from then on your life has become magic! I enjoy every minute of every day! Thank you for handing me the trigger to give these feeling words!

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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