Thanks, Daniella. Care and responsibility. Very important! However, I'm always very careful to make people feel guilty and ashamed. They have a lot on their plate and will turn away when the stress gets too big.

And sometimes the actions can be counter intuitive as well. The capitalist economy with its wasteful, linear models with toxic triggers is to blame for a lot. So, perhaps it would be a better idea if we leave the surplus packaging at the store (and all of us do that) than to clean it up after the people who toss it away somewhere. (I might write about that...)

That's what I mean with upstream solutions. Not always putting bandaids on, but going back in the chain and protesting for too much packaging or too wasteful technology using too much energy.

And of course, spending your money where it matters. Short supply chain, food directly from the farmer. No shopping just for the shopping. Making our lives simple, and abundant in love instead of stuff.

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