Thank you for your response, Hendrick. And I do think we see eye to eye. The documentary you show me is shocking. Yes. I’ll use it in one of my stories. Thanks. We are far from solutions, as you point out.

I don’t have all the answers. Some days I just want to weep.

But I only have one life. And I’ve made a resolution to make it the best life ever. So I point out, make aware, and show how people can transition their lives. In my opinion, by pushing and controlling we only feed resistance. No inspired movement there. So my voice will always be positive and inspiring.

And some days I do have hope. I meet so many young people who see immediately what I mean. They understand systemic thinking in a finger click. They take action. They see the connections between natural systems and human systems. And they are prepared to embrace minimalism (yes, I call it abundanism, haha, because we embrace less stuff and also an abundance of awareness, love, and experience). They want to do it differently but don’t know how to take action.

Those are the people I write for in my different voices. Mostly positive, combining rational, systemic solutions with emotion. But sometimes there’s anger in me as well. Did you read this one? Maybe my most angry one yet.

So, while UBI will not be an option for the vast poor continents yet, by implementing it in the Western World, we give people here space to breathe. To think with their hearts. Be compassionate, share. A worldwide movement of systemic solutions and change might spread when they start to transition bottom up.

And don’t underestimate what’s happening in Asia for instance. There are scary movements there, yes. And those are the only ones we hear about. But there are also movements of hope there. In China, ZERI’s thinktank (Blue Economy) has got a foothold. Gunter’s Fables (learning from nature and adopting natural systemic design) are adopted in all primary schools now. And an area the size of whole Holland (Loess Plateau) has restored its ecosystems and has adopted regenerative farming methods. Hopeful…

I keep looking to the positive. Keep combining it with spreading knowledge of what’s wrong with our world, and show how we can change. Depression has never brought anyone into action. But if we combine the angry spirit of Greta Thunberg with positive systemic solutions, we might take steps in my lifetime. And I will have lived a life worth living…

Thank you for your perspective. And please, keep feeding me your input of what you think people should know. If you allow me, I will embed it in my stories of hope…

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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