Is integrity and a long term vision for generations’ prosperity one of them as well?

To me it seems that all these 'great' men are cutting corners. That’s not innovation. That’s not taking responsibility for what you create. Apple is giving us the chance to engrave our names in our phone just to kill the second hand market. Apple, together with the other big tech companies, is gobbling up all energy for their data centers and greenwashing that as ‘ see how we go renewable’ and we have to buy a new phone every two years because the battery goes broke.

Can we please stop saying that innovation is good when cutting corners? Sorry, Paul, I like your stories but we really need to embrace different innovation stories.

The ones where we make batteries with nanotechnology and a local abundantly available materials such as industrial hemp. So South America is not ruined by lithium mining.

I really hope more people like you will get involved in the kinds of innovation that support life. Not destroy life. Cause life is all there is. We need you, Paul and the likes of you. It’s time to really start innovating!

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