I'm reading you every day and my mind is really wandering today. You have a gift telling stories, Rasheed. Today, I'm thinking about homelesness, being nomadic like you and some of my pilgrim friends, living in a caravan like I do, and Paul wanting to extend his house for work space.

So much is depending on perspective in life. And it's a hell of a job leaving judgements out when I look at perspectives and inequalities.

I think I just go outside now and meditate a little. Maybe Gaia has some answers how to house humans the way they personally want and leave enough space for al species. Enough sharing for all.

What are you doing at the moment Rasheed? Any plan for a new Route-66-like adventure? Or are you living in a normal house now? I'd really like to picture you behind your laptop. Wherever that is.

Warm regards, Desiree.

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