I hope you’re right, umair haque. And you are definitely right when you say it’s not a choice we have to make: the economy or our lives.

A new economy is possible and this is how. It needs a transition, yes. It needs systemic solutions. And it needs all of us spending our money where our hearts are. Here is some background to what I’m saying.

I’m European, part of the people who you think are doing it better than America. And yes, you might think our economy is more compassionate on some levels.

But on many counts, we are as bad off as you. Please, don’t idealize Europe. Let’s really do it better and build a regenerative economy. Aligning economy, ecology and the human spirit can be done. And we need writers like you to make people aware of it.

Keep on writing, I love your work!

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽ https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireedriesenaar

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