I do not agree with you, Hendrick. Big scale monoculture solutions will give big scale externalities, such as waste and pollution and bring us further from our goal.

Smaller scale solutions that are embedded into local ecosystems and local culture can be scaled by copying (and adapting) them to other places and thus be very large scale solutions in the end.

Awareness is the start for many people. Action is the big follow up. So I agree there, action is all!

And to be clear, I do not only write but I'm creating everything I write about with my own hands and energy as well. What is your contribution?

I just wrote about large scale and externalities. I've tagged you so you'll see my view when it will be published by the publication.

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽ https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireedriesenaar

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