Do you want to be paid $1 for every Medium-tweet you make? It’ll only take you a minute. You can report breaking news. You can enlighten your audience with an old story. Or you can put another writer in the spotlight. And Medium pays you for the trouble when it’s being read.

It’s a short form. You start with a bold sentence. No picture. Limit your words to 150, so it’ll fit without ‘read more’. Imagine being paid for every tweet-sized snippet you put out there.

It’s the new Medium model. Not that I especially like it so far. But experimenter is my middle name. This is how a short by Andrea González-Ramírez looks on the GEN page.

Image for post
Image for post
screenshot from GEN publication made by author.

Would love to read about your experiences. Tree Britni Agnes Liam Selma Maria Sinem and others…

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