Dear Fred, that sounds wonderful! I do know there is lots of bullying around (and sometimes it gets serious although luckily for me not yet in my personal experience), but there are also the young people wanting to do it differently. I really think they need examples like this. How it can be done!

What have we, older folks like you and me, to lose by paving a little way for them? And protecting ourselves and each other by being very open about it? Supporting each other!

Talk to the ecovillages movement. They are all around the world looking for ideas just like this. They would be mesmerized by your ideas and experience!

And I know, there is never money to execute things. I see all the startups struggle. But if we work together there is always someone with great crowdfunding ideas.

It's all about getting together and just doing. Even if one young person would see your plan and build a house with it in 10 years time it will have been worth it.

Let's do worthy things with our lives while we are here. It might make a huge difference! Or a small one. Or not. But then at least we had lots of intergenerational fun!

And if you do publish on Medium, tag me. I would be honoured to include your work in a little story of my own about what I see happening in the world.

Happy writing! Happy living! And thanks for sharing your worries. Warm regards, Desiree.

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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