Dear Dr John Rose. I love your Gaia project. And I want to add some thinking to it.

Action yes! Local, yes! And doing more with less, yes!

But also think about the other side of being thrifty and saving. Start to adopt an abundant mindset.

How can you create instead of consume? How can you capture rainwater and use it in the places where you need it? For your garden e.g. Start looking around you and see the stuff with multiple benefits. We don’t want specialist stuff, we want to have less stuff so it needs to do more for us. We want to become aware of plastic packaging and not buy it. But we also want to create compost with organic waste and grow our own food on it.

And never forget to connect to nature with every breath you take. Put your hands in the river, go swimming in natural water, dance wildly and feel the flow of life.

It will rewild your brain and heart and it will be so much easier to see the opportunities of life. And make life-giving choices…

Happy transitioning…

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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