Dear Andrea, you're not the only one worried. There are many of us. And I don't have the answer if we will evolve fast enough.

But I do know there are solutions. And I see many (young) people starting to be entrepreneur and make a difference. I write about it. About the business models, the materials, the local, active economies. The systemic design, the regenerative food production, the technologies that support life instead of destroy it.

My studying started with the Blue Economy and evolved with Schumacher College and Regeneration. And oh, how my worldview has changed. It indeed is possible if we evolve as a species. But we do need to let go of our arrogant ways. Focus on basic needs for all. And build our active, local economies around that. Different than we know it. But very possible.

Tomorrow my talk with a Sao Paolo university professor will be shown to the students. And I hope fiercely that these city people will make the change for the Amazon. I'm writing about it.

We can do it. But we do need to change. As you say: need to evolve. Maybe we will. I sincerely hope so, but if not, I have tried. Some of my article are a cry for seeing it. Some give solutions. Some are just nudges by Gaia. I don't know how it will happen. If it will happen. But I do know that I've tried. Made my life simple, worked on actual projects unleashing nature...

Writing might make a change. Or maybe youtube videos (I don't know how to make those in a simple and attractive way yet but I might do in future). The thing is: people need different voices to get the message. Umair's (some people are as US centered as he is) or mine (European and full of nuance. I just don't know it all, could never write so angry...) or all the others out there. Doomscenarios or solution-oriented.

And you are one of those voices, too. Glad to meet you here. Fellow changemakers... Warm regards, Desiree.

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Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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