"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposites in your mind and still retain the ability to function" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I'm striving for Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet.

Complexity science is really making big strides forward now.

ESG = environmental and social governance. Regeneration is combining ecosystem restoration with biodegradability of products. Biomimicry is the #1 innovation method worldwide. I'm always busy restoring soils, seas, and souls. Economies, societies, and democracies are being changed with Web3 and systemic design.

I work in these qualitative fields for decades. And now, with computers, we are making quantitative progress too. The Superformula (dynamic math 2003) is the biggest changemaker. We are looking for the new laws of Newton for engineering and chemistry. With (human) resonance (& light & sound waves). 3D design. Healthy buildings. Roads cleaning water. and infiltrating. Huge areas of ecosystem restoration. Digital twins to predict tsunamis and prevent small fires from becoming wildfires.

My co-founded think tank full of complexity scientists is called Abundance 4 ALL. For Deeper Dives - https://www.abundanism.com/

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