Nature has all the answers to human problems

Visible and invisible confetti seeds spread through the air. Picture: jplenio via Pixabay

Now that we can’t travel this year, our think-and-do-tank Abundanism will be focusing on education. Showering our audience with ‘nature-has-all-the-answers-knowledge’ and upside-down thinking.

We give education about climate change, nature, planet, economy, business, technology, and society. Leadership development.

It’s very simple, regenerative biomimicry is the future.

We have decided to…


Be alert and you’ll feel what to know and do next

The path for you shows rays of light. They are your navigating beacons. Picture: bertvthul via Pixabay

In my young days, I was running. Like you are now. Life was chaotic for me. Like it is most probably for you now. And I really didn’t have any answers. Only questions.

It’s the beauty of growing older.

My focus can go more and more inside. No need to…


About aliens, great apes, and conscious living beings

Picture: Love Art. Live Art. via Pixabay

Is science boring? Not when you attend classes or watch interviews with Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’m a huge fan!

Are you interested in aliens? Well, watch this too. Only 9 minutes. Well worth your time!

Do you think apes or other animals are stupid? Well, think again. …

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Cross-pollinating for a healthy future. Free spirit. ✽

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