Enjoy the temporary nature of art

The eyes of a fly. Picture credit: Virvoreanu Laurentiu via Pixabay

Who wants high-tech when we can have Nature? High tech makes everything complicated and makes us dependent on companies for repair or replacements. Nature knows how to regenerate.

Graze your skin? Nature repairs.

The beauty and ingenuity of Nature are amazing. And my imagination often runs away with me. What…

Please don’t confuse bacteria with viruses

The sand and sea are full of bacteria. The bubbles you see here are oxygen bubbles made by bacteria. Picture: Quang Nguyen vinh via Pixabay

Yesterday, I watched with some friends the documentary about Lynn Margulis (1970s science) again. Here is the link. Symbiotic Earth. This is so super insightful, I want everyone to see it! I, myself only understood all important things about biomimicry, technology, and world shifts after watching this documentary. …


You can have the courage to be a leader too

Picture by Anna Austin on Flickr

We need more calm leaders in the world. Leaders who know how to connect to others but also to themselves. Leaders who understand what’s important and are less busy with their image and ‘how things appear’ than with what’s really making the difference.

We need leaders who take time. Leaders…


Synchronicities and faith in Nature’s wisdom

Look closely at the clouds. The rainbow shows here in the Greek Mediterranean. Picture by author.

Deserted beach tells me to wait
for winter to arrive

My memories of sun and shade
are kept in sand alive

I wish I was a sculptor
or painter of the wild

But who can do it better than
our Gaia fierce and mild

Closeby, we create Olive Bliss
a design…

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Cross-pollinating for a healthy future. Free spirit. ✽

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