Have a look at the 21st century with spiritual glasses and you might see this

Northern Lights. Picture: Darkmoon_Art via Pixabay

We are spiritual beings with a soul. I’m just so convinced of this fact that I often forget to say it out loud. We, humans, have a purpose. We have a soul’s purpose. And if we shed the layers of so-called intellect and go to our wild core, we can feel it clearly.

So, what is spiritual awakening? And are some people more awake than others? Is there a hierarchy in awakening? And how do we go about awakening?

My friend Lanu Pitan wrote: “Spiritual Awakening in the 21st Century”. And she inspired me big time with her story! Inspired…

Matt Powers, influential teacher: “We are dealing with an Oxygen problem as much as a stagnating Carbon cycle”

Carbon cycle, by Matt Powers (with permission).

I just love the wisdom of permaculturists. Systemic thinking. Symbiotic solutions. Healthy soil, clear view on energy, and integrating practical observations. They are telling the truth in a clear and concise way.

It’s how I came to understand the world. It’s how I find honest, practical solutions for my personal life.

Whoever thinks that permaculture is just a form of natural gardening, think again. It’s wisdom for our earthly and human future in all aspects.

Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.

It’s the one and only Future Care. So, how about climate change and CO2? Matt Powers is very direct…


Business, leadership, and the freedom lifestyle

Mermaid. Sea. Water. Flow. Picture: Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. via Pixabay

While my native country The Netherlands is burdened with a lot of pressure from money issues, COVID-stress, and polarized opinions, I’m very glad our work brought us to Spain. To Ibiza, to be precise.

Although the mouth masks are very present in the streets, people wear them without much struggle or conflict. I can breathe here.

The woods are welcoming me with herb smells and birdsong. The red, claylike, rocky soil carries my feet. It’s fertile soil, full of nutrients. And luckily, many farmers here start to understand that in order to keep it fertile, the beautiful color needs to…


Red and black ants never fight until someone shakes the jar

Ant. Picture: Roman Grac via Pixabay

Nature has all the answers. Even for world peace. And today I wanna share a story with you that I heard from David Attenborough. I don’t know exactly in which film it was. I just know that he gave me the inspiration.

“If you collect 100 black ants and 100 fire ants and put them in a glass jar, nothing will happen. But if you take the jar, shake it violently and leave it on the table, the ants will start killing each other.

Red believes that black is the enemy, while black believes that red is the enemy when…


Prompt Day 11: Defying tradition and conformity

Are we wearing masks? Picture: Pexels via Pixabay

Chaos, chaos, chaos
I try to sway with what is,
dance with what was

Chaos, chaos, chaos
I don’t know what’s
what anymore

Chaos, chaos, chaos
the world takes a deep breath
and forgets to exhale

Tradition is when my parents told me:
“Be a nice girl, Desiree, be the wisest.”
And when they meant:
“Shut up. Others know better.”

How can anyone know me
better than I know myself?
How can anyone be an expert
when ALL perceptions are limited?

How can anyone tell me what’s fake news
I hold the truth in my heart?
My heavy heart. My joyous…


Have conversations

Conversation. Picture: StockSnap via Pixabay

It’s the talk of the Medium-town right now. The bonuses Medium gave to writers who are big on engagement. But how do you come to be an engaging writer? What if you are a non-native English speaker? Can you ever succeed on this platform?

Well, yes. I’m a non-native. I received the $500 in April and $100 in May and they told me why. In April I was in the top 1,000 most engaging writers. And in May I was in the top 1,500 most engaging writers.

Nice bonus. Motivating for my writing work.

But how do you become an…


The lungs of our planet whisper words of wisdom

Picture: Nadine Asfour via Pixabay

My body is my instrument
of dance, of dreams, of daring.

My body is my instrument
to feel the whispers of the Earth.

My body is my instrument
to cling to clever clarity
and dream of better being.

My feet are in the clear, Azul sea.
Is it green? Is it blue?
Or is it rainbow all in one?

Can I feel the sounds of whales,

Can I feel the shadow of clouds,
on the water surface?

Can I feel the sand,
touching lava in Gaia’s core?

I dance. I laugh.

I don’t care who sees and judges
on this…


Three seeds have lain in waiting

Dandelion Seeds. Picture: InspiredImages via Pixabay

What is happening at the moment? We all feel it. Our Earth is shifting rapidly. Our world is turned upside down. There’s chaos. There’s COVID. There’s fake news. There are kinds of people shouting their opinions into the ether. But none of it makes sense.

So, let me give you my zoomed-out perspective. I’m not giving opinions about the waves that are currently very visible and crashing the shore. I’m just giving you a peek into the undercurrent where I work. And live. And love.

The 1970s were interesting times. Science was shaken by some influential philosophers, physicists, and biologists…


Art-activism is bringing world-changing energy close to people via design and music

Picture: beate bachmann via Pixabay

Sacred geometry fascinates me. And especially the healing qualities are having a huge impact on the world right now. It’s no rocket science.

Symbols are loaded with energy like brands are loaded. Loaded with value. And the more the symbols have been recognized over a huge number of years, the stronger the symbols get in influencing the world around them.

Let’s call this epigenetics too for a minute. I know some of my collaborative scientists will shrug their heads right now, but bear with me for a minute…

Epigenetics means that our genes can be switched on and off depending…


Backlinks matter

Backlinks are about gluing your stories to other reliable sources in your niche so you become one organism. Picture: James Lee via Pixabay

Surfing the algorithms is not so difficult. And it’s not about cheating or spamming or asking people to please, please, please read me. Begging never lands you friends or success.

Surfing the algorithm is my old profession. Marketing.

And I must confess, I have gotten sloppy. I like the creative writing and the connection with other writers and my readers so much that I often forget to do the marketing properly.

But lately, I get the longing for a viral story again. And for my kind of writing, that requires some effort. I do not create stories about sex or…

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽ https://www.linkedin.com/in/desireedriesenaar

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