The 2 surprise insights from the moon landing need exploring now

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured a unique view of Earth from the spacecraft’s vantage point in orbit around the moon in 2015. Picture NASA

Hey Elon,

It’s time to discuss something with you. A different perspective on your favorite subjects. Moonshots, Moon landings, and Mars. You gave us lots of ambition, Elon. But your course is flawed now. You look in the wrong direction. We can do so much better…

Okay, let’s first take a look at what’s gone right. The moonshot speech by John F. Kennedy in 1962 was a marvelous move. He made us long for the future. Long for exploration of unknown territories. He said we would be landing on the moon in ten years’ time without having a clue how…

In Chaos Theory the butterfly just has to flap her wings once to cause a hurricane at the other end of the world. Great, this is how we can spread positivity, gratitude, synergy, symbiosis, and flow! Picture: Erika Varga via Pixabay


Asiimwe Mourine from Uganda is planting trees for her Twitter followers

Assimwe Mourine is planting trees in Uganda for her Twitter followers. Picture: Assimwe.

Many people my age sigh and complain. “Young people don’t understand. Young people are irresponsible. Young people don’t do this. They don’t do that. They just want to party.”

Well, of course, they want to have fun. They are young, after all…

But some of them really steal my heart. Like this young woman from Uganda, Asiimwe Mourine. She is concerned about the environment. She knows we need to cool the planet by restoring ecosystems. Restoring water cycles. Restoring forests. Restoring all kinds of ecosystems so biodiversity will flourish again and nature can do her work on cooling the planet.


Gifts of rhythm and music come from my social media friends

Picture: Albrecht Fietz via Pixabay

Social media comments and dancing with diversity just made my day. Ever since I stopped being on social media to have an opinion and make that heard in every sentence I wrote, my friendships changed.

I get the most beautiful gifts from my friends, nowadays.

This weekend, it was a reaction to a LinkedIn post. John Morrow, Installation Artist from Blackpool, likes my term ‘dancing with diversity’. Apparently, he’s a friend of Alan Rayner, the influential wholistic-holistic thinker, and artist I admire and learn so much from.

And to celebrate my term ‘dancing with diversity’ John sent me some drumming


The brains in our head, our heart, and our gut are at our disposal

Heart of spices. Picture:

Science is making progress. Following the wonderful finding on epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience, we learn how to apply this wisdom in our daily lives.

What’s happening? Science is finally thinking outside the box and discovering that the world is defined by chaos, complexity, and systemic thinking. Anyone with a fully functional intuition and common sense could have told them that ages ago, but okay. Finally, we are proving it in a rational way.

“What does this have to do with me?” my friends often ask. They know I work in the field of regeneration. For them, I’m a source…


Chaos all around. But the sky is clearing for me

Picture: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

“Chaos is on.”

Mike has this great talent to speak the words that are clearing the sky for me. And these were his words a few months ago. Middle of the pandemic. Images all around us of angry people, riots, and burning cars.

People are dying in chock-a-block hospitals. Others are angry at the world for losing their freedom. Children are nervous. They feel the chaotic vibe of adults lost in transition. None of us know anything anymore.

The dog is barking frantically.

And nature? The polar vortex has warmed up the atmosphere above Siberia with 50 degrees. From –68,9…


Rewilding my soul has brought meaning and magic to my life

Picture: KLAU2018 via Pixabay

I never really realized how tame a woman I had become before I started on the journey to rewild my soul. It’s been a magical journey. Full of personal and professional value. Full of Purpose with a capital P. And in a way, it all started when I learned how to hear the ‘Stories of the Earth’.

I now see we are born as wise babies. Become wise children. And then the taming starts. We need to follow the rules. Be nice. Be adapted. Limit our wisdom with language. Gain a lot of intellectual knowledge. And achieve status and wealth.


Professional women are in the lead re-imagining capitalism

Picture: Jeneva Stiles on Pixy

My biggest insightful aha-moment arrived after years of feeling something was not right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Economics is just that. Economics. I learned about it in my studies, used it in my high-fly business career, but never really understood the flaws. The toxic triggers.

Until I started my second-phase-career as a changemaker.

And then it became so obvious. We are really blinded by our culture. By our thinking that things are what they are because they’ve always been that way. It’s just not true.

They grew into what we have now. They evolved. And now it’s…


Fear not, my friends, be courageous

Picture: Angeline 1 via Pixabay

Lovers and men of intellect cannot mix;
How can you mix the broken with the unbroken?
Cautious men of intellect shrink back from a dead ant;
Lovers, completely carefree, trample down dragons.

— Jalal-ud-Din Rumi
(Translated by Andrew Harvey from A Year of Rumi)

What I like about wild soul women? They have deep inner lives, huge compassion, and skills to create the future. If we find our courage, we will move mountains. Professionally, and personally. Not thinking too much. Not afraid of being ‘different’. Not caring that something has never been done before.

And when we gather a group…

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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