Are we homo economicus? I don’t think so…

Our history has been full of people who ‘knew’ that something had to be objectively right. First, there were religious people molding a society of shame and guilt. Then came Descartes. And he took us on another path; of objective knowledge. And now that path is becoming a dead-end too.

“At the very core of this change of paradigms lies a fundamental change of metaphors from seeing the world as a machine to understanding it as a network,” as Fritjof Capra explains in his essay about Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of quantum theory.

Most of us are still…

Matt Powers, influential teacher: “We are dealing with an Oxygen problem as much as a stagnating Carbon cycle”

I just love the wisdom of permaculturists. Systemic thinking. Symbiotic solutions. Healthy soil, clear view on energy, and integrating practical observations. They are telling the truth in a clear and concise way.

It’s how I came to understand the world. It’s how I find honest, practical solutions for my personal life.

Whoever thinks that permaculture is just a form of natural gardening, think again. It’s wisdom for our earthly and human future in all aspects.

Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share.

It’s the one and only Future Care. So, how about climate change and CO2? Matt Powers is very direct…


Concrete is the killer

Tiny houses have my fascination. I would love to live in one. Somewhere in nature, off-grid. Simple but sturdy and beautiful.

So, I share my knowledge about tiny houses with my network of influential changemakers worldwide. Government leaders, business CEOs, and sustainability professionals react, interact and hopefully learn how to think in systems like I do, and take their own personal next steps.

There’s a big tiny house movement out there. And in Holland, more and more municipalities see the advantage of this way of building and attaching people to care for the land again. Care matters. We all care…


Medium pays extra. Did you know?

I write quantity. I write quality. And after 2 years of writing for a niche audience, I have passed the 5K followers. But so far, my earnings have stayed kind of the same. They passed the magic boundary of $100 rather quickly, but after that; it remained kind of constant.

For me, that’s a pity, but I just know it is a matter of time so I keep at it. Sharing my visions, my experiences, and my ever more adventurous life. Sharing every day on LinkedIn too and earning the rest of my income from other projects in the regeneration

World Politics

What’s happening in the world?

This is not a pretty post. But it’s an honest one about what is happening in the world right now. To borrow the words of umair haque, economist and writer of ‘Betterness, economics for humans’:

“This post is going to make some of you angry, chill some of you, and make some of you weep with despair. You should.” — Covid Apocalypse

And he is right. His apocalyptic way of writing is not my style. But Umair and I and other economists do write about exactly the same things. And I do need to face his urgent call to action…


Transformation times in Ibiza

One month in Ibiza and the magic is in full flow. I never thought it would be such a special, magical island. I had an image of mass tourism and party fun for young people. I imagined my countrymen Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Sunnery James DJ-ing their heads off. The rich and famous in second homes, cruising the Mediterranean with their yachts.

But of course, COVID changed much here too.

And COVID aside, the reality of Ibiza is completely different than what I imagined. For me, it is an island of great natural beauty. Scenting herbs in the forests…


Prompt #30 — Memories

My vertigo-filled genes
enhance my fear of mountains.

They store my father’s fears,
my mother’s monumental memories,
and my early childhood’s
shivers and shame.

I am a Lowland’s Girl.

Created in Belgium,
born in the Netherlands,
I am a river bedding of clay.

Low and flow.
Vortex and grow.
Ending up in the longing
for vast oceans
and exotic shores.

Sand dunes are my highest mountains,
with a strong foothold of sinking sand.
Embracing my feet
like a close-fitting dress
of Gaia’s choosing.

Mountains are my destiny now. …


Prompt #12: Paradox

A heavy heart is laughed away
by careless friends now knowing

A heavy heart is toxically turned
into socially accepted smiles

A heavy heart is dumbed down
by those who do not cry
who do not rant
who do not jump for joy

A heart may be heavy
your heart may be dark
my heart may be
drunkenly drowned

And the moment my heart
becomes healthily balanced,
you’ve used fairy feathers

The magical powers of feathers?
They carry birdsong
zipped together

Gaia’s symphony

Ruffled feathers are never perfect
Ruffled feathers allow heavy and light
Ruffled feathers bring careful awareness
Ruffled feather carry love…


Prompt #4: Wanderer. Nature guides, nature inspires

Palm is plantation
Palm is your hand

Palm is the oil
of smooth and glib truths
produced in deforested degradation

Palm is…

And all the while,
our palms are maps
showing where to go next

Honoring and healing the past,
guiding personal transformation
in the present, before emerging
and becoming the future

Palms are full of lines
and branches,
leaves and nuts,
crossings and
dead-end streets

Palms are like soils
full of roots
for our fingers
who create the wisdom
for tomorrow’s

Palms are fellow-wanderers
on a journey of wonder

Honor the palm
honor your palm

Thank you…


Prompt #18 — Shadows

Can you taste the shadows of soulmates,
spiky on your sensitive tongue?

Can you smell the shadows of soulmates,
sweet on the wind, murmuring memories?

Can you feel the shadows of soulmates,
tears not shed, words not spoken?

Can you hear the shadows of soulmates,
no voice loud enough to mask your screams?

Can you see the shadows of soulmates,
on darker asphalt than ever before?

Your inner soul knows that
the shadows of soulmates
are just dark outlines
showing the truth
in a brightly lit
mirror of self.

Not long to go now. Let me tag some friends who…

Desiree Driesenaar

Curious about life. Systemic, upstream solutions. Aligning economy, ecology, and the human spirit. Free spirit. ✽

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